At the height of the American soda fountain's popularity, the term “jerk” was given to those tasked with developing and dispensing unique flavors. We were jerks before we ever started making soda.

Friends since forever, the idea for creating fresh soda from natural ingredients came together in 2011 on a quiet street at the edge of Cannonborough. We all grew up drinking soda, but we wondered, what would soda be like if it grew up with us? Using the training we received in Charleston’s most creative bars and kitchens, we set out to create a culinary-minded beverage by replacing artificial ingredients with fresh produce and natural sweeteners. What started as a unique gift for friends and family quickly evolved into a refined product with the help of local farmers, chefs, and bartenders. 

Cannonborough sodas are a playful combination of fresh pressed juices, hand picked herbs, and fruits at the peak of ripeness. With help from farmers across the Southeast, our flavors are constantly evolving within the window of seasonality. For each soda, a single fruit is selected, juiced, and paired with various aromatics to add complexity. Natural sweeteners, such as cane sugar and honey, are then delicately added to achieve a crisp balance of sweetness and acidity. Free from artificial preservatives, the mixture is force carbonated, and bottled in very small batches. The result is a unique sparkling beverage as interesting as it is refreshing.